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24 (96.02.25)
lesbian (any pronouns)
puerto rican
english ┆ spanish
ENTP 7w8
♓ pisces sun & dominant
♊ gemini ascending
♉ taurus moon
SW: 2337-2145-2524


🌙.favorite characters


Hunter x Hunter

Trafalgar Law

One Piece

Damian Wayne


Kurt Wagner





How to Train Your Dragon


Avatar: The Last Airbender


Khalid Von Riegan + Fire Emblem
Kururugi Suzaku + Code Geass
Lelouch Vi Britannia + Code Geass
Sumo + Clarence
Dipper Pines + Gravity Falls
2D + Gorillaz
Harley Quinn + DC Comics
Lavi + D.Gray-man
Wilbur Robinson + Meet the Robinsons
Greed + Fullmetal Alchemist
Michiru Kaioh + Sailor Moon
Marth + Fire Emblem
Luigi + Nintendo
Callie + Splatoon
Eclipsa + Star vs. The Forces of Evil
Sunset Shimmer + Equestria Girls
Monkey D. Luffy + One Piece
Road Kamelot + D.Gray-man
Roy Mustang + Fullmetal Alchemist
Bakugo Katsuki + My Hero Academia
Kirishima Eijirou + My Hero Academia
Zazie + Tegami Bachi
Jaime Reyes + DC Comics
Dick Grayson + DC Comics
Jason Todd + DC Comics
Tim Drake + DC Comics
Miles Morales + Marvel Comics
Will Graham + Hannibal






video games: splatoon 2, the legend of zelda, fire emblem, animal crossing, mostly nintendo
tv: cartoons, hannibal
b.a.p (zelo)
vixx (hyuk)
xeno-t (bjoo, sangwon)
stray kids (hyunjin)
t-ara (hyomin)
music: metal, alternative, any kind really
movies: horror, animated
comic books: dc, x-men, dark horse
twitch: vinesauce & jabroni mike
animanga: hxh, one piece, d.gray-man, code geass

see more on my favorite characters page!




i'm extremely opinionated and highly critical of things, even things i love, and i openly talk about it and discuss it, be it positively or negatively.if you can't handle opposing/negative opinions on things you like do not follow. i don't tag a lot of things but if you need me to specifically tag something don't hesitate to ask! i retweet a lot of horror and will likely not tag it unless asked to. other than that i have extremely vulgar humor and language as well. that being said if we are friends and i ever say something offensive or upsetting to you let me know asap and i'll try to fix it!

🌙.do not follow if

you sexualize minors real or fictional
you are under 19 yrs old (i'm old)
are racist, homophobic, transphobic, a TERF, believe in bi lesbians, believe being asexual is inherently LGBT

🌙.please tag

rape/sexual harrassment
animal death/abuse
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